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Sophic Consulting, Mining, Curation, and Contract Research Services

sSophic’s scientific consulting staff delivers a range of bioinformatics and biomedical research services to both our commercial and government customers. Sophic’s team of consultants includes scientists and bioinformatians with PhDs in a range of life science, mathematical and technical disciplines. Services are delivered on site, working as members of our customer’s team or performed at Sophic facilities.

Examples of Sophic’s consulting services and projects include:

  • Data mining and manual curation of the NCI SBIR funded Sophic Cancer Biomarker Knowledge Environment – SCan-MarK Explorer

  • Design and configuration of the Sophic Pharmaceutical Drug Safety System.

  • BioXM Knowledge Management Suite for government and commercial customers.

  • Configuration, implementation, training and support for the NCI Common Knowledge Research Environment.

  • Development of the Druggable Genome Database.

  • Delivery of an Early Drug Development Knowledge Integration system for a major pharmaceutical company.

  • Custom genome annotation and curation services for major pharmaceutical companies.

  • Linguistics analysis and free text mining and curation for the National Cancer Institute.

  • Development of the Scientific Projects Portfolio Manager.

  • Colon cancer gene pathway analysis, mining and curation.
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