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Pharma Drug Safety
Pharmaceutical Drug Safety

Sophic has configured BioXM to create Sophic Drug Safety to support and optimize the evaluation of pharmaceutical drug safety data across the drug discovery process to improve compound development, lead compound selection and compound monitoring.  Sophic Drug Safety provides early safety prediction capability to researchers by providing structured integrated information to identify and alert on potential safety risks associated specific and related compounds.  The system provides users with a simple, intuitive interface that integrates and maps unstructured and structured information stored in disparate scientific data silos. Compound structure and activity data (on-off target interactions, toxicity, compound treated gene expression profiles, etc) are assembled in an intuitive format to dramatically improve compound safety prediction.
Sophic Intelligence platform is integrated into Sophic Drug Safety and used to mine free text sources.  BioXM integrates information from public databases such as FDA Drug Labels and internal compound databases to identify compound interactions that may predict future success or failure. As additional public and proprietary information on candidate and related compounds becomes available, Sophic Drug Safety incorporates this new knowledge to produce a ‘learning loop’ to improve and expedite compound development, selection and monitoring.
Sophic Chemo-Genomics Module (SCGM) is included in the Sophic Drug Safety System. The SCGM platform integrates the Broad Institute’s CMap, MSig DB and GSEA analysis packages into the BioXM Knowledge Management Suite. This integration allows investigators to submit individual or batch experiments that are processed through both CMap and MSig to yield a list of chemical compounds that induce similar gene expression profiles. This rapid identification and analysis of compounds that may impact gene expression signatures is important for confirming on-target pharmacodynamics effects and informing on potential off-target safety concerns. The experimental results can be easily and automatically integrated into the SCGM using BioXM to identify modulation of biological networks and present related information found in public and other internal data sets.

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