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Sophic Knowledge Environment

Mining, Manual Curation, Integration, Search & Discovery

A single scientific element is more valuable when viewed with other elements connected through valid scientific and semantic relationships, rather than in isolation. Sophic provides integration of heterogenic components (data, DB, analyses, Ontologies, text mining…) in one place with a powerful easy query language, Wiki Interface and visualization environment.  The goal is to make sense out of what is known and gain insight into the unknown – shine lights across information islands to illuminate the dark.  Sophic:

  • Adds incremental “Scientific Intelligence” through an iterative process of curating, integrating, mining, searching and visualizing new discoveries.
  • Builds bridges by exposing semantic & scientific object relationships connecting bench, diagnostics, drugs, clinical research and move toward personalized medicine.
  • Provides a flexible, changing data model, ontologies, dictionaries and thesauri to map valid semantic and scientific relationships.
  • Creates an environment that is ‘alive’ with multi-purpose, growing, always up-to-date, in sync enrichment databases integrated with the customer’s information.
  • Enables organizations to institutionalize collaborative processes and grow new knowledge as scientists explore,  experiment, learn and share.

Sophic’s Knowledge Environment to Support Modern Oncology is  designed to integrate “islands of information” from basic research, biotech and pharma, clinical and personalized medicine sources.  This is accomplished through Sophic’s unique bi-directional information highway that provides access to traditional research and clinical domains.   The Venn Diagram shows an integrated knowledge hub that includes Sophic’s manually curated cancer biomarker databases (SCBOs and CDEs), next generation sequence information, patient cohorts and pathway databanks. The knowledge hub is the “bridge” that integrates information across the knowledge environment.

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